Waterfalls in North East Victoria
Waterfall Seasons of Australia - The Waterfall Guide

This seasonal guide to waterfalls in North East Victoria recommends the best time of year and the best time of day to visit each waterfall using hydrologic knowledge to get the most out of your visit. It ensures you have the best chance of seeing water flowing over the falls in full sun. Compiled by hydrologist Brad Neal, the guide also includes information about how to get there, facilities available, viewing angles, waterfall dimensions, swimming opportunities, a photo/video and my personal impressions. I have personally visited and photographed all of the waterfalls on this website.
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Click or tap on each waterfall title or picture to find your next day trip, holiday destination, bushwalk, photo shoot or picnic location. Watch the water flow in sheets across the multi-hued, granite rock face of the eastern side of Mount Buffalo. The scale of Eurobin Falls is impressive, as it falls in two main sections over several hundred metres… Walk right up to the edge of these waterfalls, which are actually composed of two drops flanked by native bushland on either side. If you want to know whether it is best to walk from the upper or lower carparks, read on…
After a short, pleasant walk through the forest, stand on the viewing platform on the edge of the river while the water tumbles over huge boulders beside you. Look up river as far as you can to the top of this long set of cascades in the headwaters of the Taggerty River… Ladies Bath Falls was a stopping point for ladies on the way up to Mount Buffalo in the late 19th and early 20th century, particulalry after the Mount Buffalo Chalet was built. It is a secluded waterfall on a small stream, situated in the shade of Mount Buffalo… Stop and listen to the rush of water, hidden somewhere under the foliage on the side of this steep mountain. Catch a glimpse or two but don't expect these elusive waterfalls to reveal too much of themselves to you… The view from these falls looking out over the Goulburn River valley can take your breath away. Feel the steel platform shake beneath your feet, right beside the main rock spout. If you want a thrill, head here when it starts raining… These are Victoria's tallest cascading waterfalls at 84 metres from top to bottom. See the character of the falls change from day to night, when the falls are floodlit up to 11 pm at night. Great for a romantic stroll after dinner… Scramble over the rockface above and beside these falls or view them from the hill opposite. No hand rails, no wooden boardwalks, it's just you and the waterfalls, up close and personal. A nice spot for the gold mining history buffs as well…

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