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Waterfall Seasons - The Waterfall Guide

If you like what I produce on this website and would like to support my activities as an independent publisher of primary material, here's how you can do it. Websites based on primary research are an essential source of information for the community. Through the operation of my waterfall website, over the years I have answered dozens of queries from the general public, supported grass roots community campaigns to prevent closure of recreational assets, and provided information or participated in interviews for several PhD candidates and undergraduate students. As a primary content generator, I also support the aggregator websites who rely on, but never pay for, this research, and have spent an inordinate amount of time and expense trying to protect my unique content from aggregator websites.

As an individual, I am a genuinely independent publisher, without the backing of any publishing houses, with no paid product placement or sponsored content generation. Financial contributions help me to minimise the amount of advertising on this website. Waterfall Seasons does not allow gambling advertising and does not contain any annoying full page pop up ads.

As you can probably understand, finding, visiting and filming at remote locations takes a lot of time and expense. Your small contribution, which can be as inexpensive as a cup of coffee, would go a long way to helping me maintain and improve this website. There are four levels of support available via Paypal as follows:

Support Options (excluding GST):

Sponsorship funds are only spent on generating new content or purchasing equipment (e.g. audio-visual equipment, video props, etc.), and do not go towards salaries. Sponsorships are not donations for tax purposes.

For those who use the Brave browser and want to send tips, in my opinion Brave is not a suitable way to contribute to this website, until such time as Brave expands its payment options beyond the current requirement to use the cryptocurrency platform Uphold. After registering and trialling Brave I have since uninstalled it. I will only use Brave when it can offer a payment option (Paypal or direct credit) that does not require me to hand over sensitive personal identification to a cryptocurrency platform in another country with no telephone support and with no human oversight of the verification of my identity.

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