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Gooram Falls, Euroa, VIC
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Gooram Falls is a series of two cascades in Seven Creeks separated by a flat section of around 20 metres in length. You can walk right up to these falls in dry conditions and have a birds eye view from beside the creek in wet conditions. To view the upper falls, you need to walk over the large granite boulder in the relatively clear area, about 200 metres along on the right hand side of the track from the upper car park. Don't worry if you miss it, because the track winds down to the lower falls. From there you can easily follow a separate track beside the river back up to the upper falls. When the rock is dry you can sit beside the creek and watch the falls as you dangle your feet in the water. Gooram Falls on Seven Creeks near Euroa Above: The upper cascade at Gooram Falls (Order this image)

There are two car parks from which you can walk to the falls. The walking distance from each car park to the falls is the same, at around 400 metres, however if it has been raining, the track from the lower car park can get quite boggy. The walk from the upper car park runs along side a fast flowing section of the river and is quite picturesque, whereas the walk from the lower car park runs alongside a flat, slow moving anabranch of the main river that isn't much to look at.
The only advantage of the lower car park is that is has a pit toilet, so if you have to go, you need to walk down there anyway. Gooram Falls on Seven Creeks near Euroa Above: The little picnic area near the upper car park (Order this image)

The creek here is officially named Seven Creeks, not Seven Creek, because of the seven creeks that form the headwaters of this creek. Also, according to a 1908 article in the Euroa Advertiser, the nearby town of Euroa derives its name from the Aboriginal word "Yera-O" which means joyful.

Here is a video of the falls, taken in the early morning in July, when the creek was high, but not in flood:

Your Seasonal Guide:
Best Time of Year to Visit:Best Time of Day to Visit:
Reliable flow all year except during summer/autumn in drought years. The lower walking track can get waterlogged after heavy rain. Visit from midday to dusk to see the falls basked in sun.
Other Information Before You Go:
Location: Seven Creeks Nature Conservation Reserve, Euroa-Mansfield Rd (C366), 20 km south of Euroa and 180 km (approx. 2 hr 10 minute drive) north-east of the Melbourne CBD.
Latitude:-36.902314 Longitude:145.630370
Getting there: Exit the Hume Fwy at Euroa. On entering Euroa, turn right at Anderson St East (C366). The falls are 3km past Galls Gap Rd. Drive past the first entrance (which goes to the lower car park) and take the unnamed dirt road on the left just after making the two right angle bends, which leads to the upper car park.
Water source: Seven Creeks
Approx. height: Two sections with around 5 metre falls in each section

Approx. width: 2-10 m, depending on flow conditions
Approx. length: 150 m from the top of the upper falls to the bottom of the lower falls
Swimming available at the falls: Yes, during low flow conditions only, between the upper and lower falls
Facilities: Car parks (2), picnic table, pit toilet, fireplaces
Entrance fee: Not applicable
Opening times: Always open
Sun shade: Native bush
Wheelchair access: None
Prohibitions: No dogs, no fishing, no camping, only light fires in fireplaces provided, vehicles must remain on formed roads
Accommodation Options: Camping is not permitted at the Gooram Falls picnic area. If you want to stay overnight in the area, you can try the following options. All distances below are by road, not as the crow flies.
Nearby accommodation option:Distance from falls:
Kennedy House 19 km
Courtside Cottage 21 km
Glenfield Cottage 27 km
Booking your accommodation via these links may result in a commission (at no additional cost to the price of the linked item) to waterfallseasons.com that helps maintain and enhance this website.
Managing authority: Parks Victoria
Nearby attractions: The pre-Olympic swimming pool on Seven Creeks at Euroa
Before you head out, make sure to read the waterfall safety information and check with the managing authority for any current change of conditions.
Locality Map:
The marker indicates the location of the upper car park at the falls. If the map is not zoomed in locally, as can occur with some browsers, simply refresh this web page.
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Here is one personal account of visiting the falls which shows how fond people are of this spot after discovering it:

"Took my 8 year old son there in July and he loved jumping around on the rocks. We went to the upper section. It was fine for a toyota corolla to drive in and just off the main road. Very pretty but a long walk to the toilets at the other car park." - J.Weber, New South Wales, Australia 7/7/2015

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