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Waterfall Seasons of Australia - The Waterfall Guide

Waterfall Seasons of Australia This seasonal guide to waterfalls in Australia recommends the best time of year and the best time of day to visit each waterfall using hydrologic knowledge to get the most out of your visit. It ensures you have the best chance of seeing water flowing over the falls in full sun. Compiled by hydrologist Brad Neal, the guide also includes information about how to get there, facilities available, viewing angles, waterfall dimensions, swimming opportunities, a photo/video and my personal impressions. At the current time, the guide to waterfalls in Victoria is the most complete, followed by the Northern Territory and New South Wales. This website only includes waterfalls that I have personally visited and photographed.
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Click on each State or Territory of Australia to find your next waterfall day trip or holiday destination or alternatively search by map. Waterfall Seasons of Victoria This is my compilation of waterfalls in Victoria, including three within the greater Melbourne area. This list was put together as part of my search over more than a decade for the perfect swimming hole in this State… Waterfall Seasons of NSW and the ACT The list includes two fun waterfalls on the New South Wales South Coast that I have visited, namely Mumbulla Creek Falls and Nethercote Falls, and a waterfall near Canberra. Conditions have changed at the two south coast waterfalls recently, so make sure you read the detail before you head out… Waterfall Seasons of the Northern Territory Here are several truly spectacular tropical waterfalls in Litchfield National Park, which is a short drive south of Darwin. You can swim at most of these largely spring fed waterfalls as well or simply enjoy the view… Waterfall Seasons of Queensland Lush rainforest and chalky drops, here are waterfalls that I have visited in south east Queensland on both the Gold Coast and the Sunshine Coast. The weather is warm all year round, and along the Great Dividing Range, the rain is usually fairly reliable…

If you are planning a visit to Australia from overseas, be mindful of the variable climate. Waterfalls in the southern half of Australia will be flowing at their fiercest in winter/spring (roughly Jul-Nov), but this is also the coldest time of year in this region. Visiting in late spring will see good flow over the waterfalls but without the winter chill. Waterfalls in tropical northern Australia will be flowing at their most ferocious in the wet season (roughly Nov-Apr), but access to many waterfalls at this time is not possible due to flooding or waterlogging of roads. In the first few months of the dry season (i.e. the first half of the May-Oct period) waterfalls will still be flowing but you will also have road access. Late in the dry season, some waterfalls in the tropics dry up.

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