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Waterfalls in New South Wales and the ACT
Waterfall Seasons of Australia - The Waterfall Guide

Waterfall Seasons of New South Wales and the ACT This seasonal guide to waterfalls in New South Wales and the ACT recommends the best time of year and the best time of day to visit each waterfall using hydrologic knowledge to get the most out of your visit. This website only includes waterfalls that I have personally visited and photographed.
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Gibraltar Falls near Canberra, ACT

Waterfall Seasons - Guide to Gibraltar Falls near Canberra Gibraltar Falls is the only readily accessible waterfall in the ACT, located in the hills south-west of Canberra. The falls boast a fifty metre drop over the edge of a granite cliff, with a viewing platform in front of the top of the falls…

Mumbulla Creek Falls, near Bega

Waterfall Seasons - Guide to Mumbulla Creek Falls, Bega Mumbulla Creek Falls is a smooth rock wall around 5-10 metres high situated within the Biamanga National Park. Much of the time there is only a trickle over the falls, but the very deep pool at the base of the falls is permanent…

National Falls, Royal National Park, Sydney

Waterfall Seasons - Guide to National Falls, Royal National Park Does this waterfall live up to the expectation of being named like a waterfall of national significance, with the nearby town of Waterfall also named in its honour? Perhaps, but only if you time your visit right, as I found out the hard way…

Nethercote Falls, near Pambula

Waterfall Seasons - Guide to Nethercote Falls, Pambula Nethercote Falls has a large, deep pool nestled in a rock gorge with a sizeable waterfall at one end. You can sit on the rocks high up on the side of the gorge, by clambering up the back of the wall, for a bird's eye view of this waterfall…

Toonoum Falls, Royal National Park, Sydney

Waterfall Seasons - Guide to Toonoum Falls This low-key cascade hidden in the scrub beside a roadside parking bay offers little for waterfall viewers unless it has recently been raining, when it can be seen and heard next to the road…

Wattamolla Falls, Royal National Park, Sydney

Waterfall Seasons - Guide to Wattamolla Falls Water flows over a 10 metre high sandstone cliff down into an ocean lagoon, all only a few steps away from the car park and picnic area, and supervised by a colony of large but non-confrontational water dragons…

If you are planning a visit to New South Wales or the ACT from interstate or overseas, be mindful of the variable climate. Reliable rainfall occurs in winter/spring (typically Jun-Nov) in the south, when waterfalls in this region are usually flowing. In the north of the state rainfall is less predictable and most rainfall typically occurs in summer/autumn. During drought, many waterfalls in New South Wales and the ACT dry up completely.

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