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Waterfalls in Queensland
Waterfall Seasons - The Waterfall Guide

Lush rainforest and chalky drops, here is my guide to waterfalls in Queensland. Find out the best time to visit with this seasonal guide, compiled using my hydrologic knowledge. I have personally visited and photographed all of the waterfalls on this website, which in Queensland at the current time consists of waterfalls on the Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast. Waterfall Seasons of Queensland - The Waterfall Guide Above: The up close view from under the ledge of Serenity Falls on the Sunshine Coast (Order this image)
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Sunshine Coast:

Gardners Falls, Maleny

Waterfall Seasons - Guide to Gardners Falls Gardners Falls consists of two short drops, separated by a 40 metre long flat rock shelf in between, that allows you to listen to the falls in stereo sound. Flow at this waterfall has been reliable over the last few decades, with the exception of recent very dry summers…

Serenity Falls, Buderim

Waterfall Seasons - Guide to Serenity Falls (aka Buderim Falls) A fine silver curtain of water falls delicately into a rock chasm surrounded by the lush rainforest of the Buderim Forest Park on the Sunshine Coast. With car parks at either end, find out which is the best place to start your walk to the falls…

Wappa Falls, Yandina

Waterfall Seasons - Guide to Wappa Falls Regular spills from a dam directly upstream make this an at times powerful twin waterfall in the Sunshine Coast hinterland. Time your visit to occur when the upstream dam is spilling to see this white and tan frothing cauldron in action…
Far North Queensland:

Clamshell Falls, near Gordonvale

Waterfall Seasons - Guide to Clamshell Falls A multi-tiered waterfall at the end of a long, undulating bitumen path, with majestic views for around 300 metres from the base of the cascade to the top, as well as the opportunity to scramble down onto the rock shelf to view the main drop on the top tier…

Crystal Cascades, Cairns

Waterfall Seasons - Guide to Crystal Cascades, Cairns One of the more popular inland attractions around Cairns, you can wander along the all-weather creekside path to watch the water bounce in and out of various cascades, before reaching a several metre high waterfall with its own natural pool…

Davies Creek Falls, near Mareeba

Waterfall Seasons - Guide to Davies Creek Falls, Mareeba Hold on tight to the guide rail as gravity propels you towards the little fence bolted onto the edge of a granite cliff, over which you can follow each drop of water as it cascades down from the lip of the falls to the little pool way down below…

If you are planning a visit to Queensland, there is a defined wet season in the tropics from November to March when it can be very wet, with the occasional cyclone. Rainfall in southern Queensland is more variable, and can occur at any time of year but is generally less intense. Waterfalls in Queensland are mostly located along the Great Dividing Range near the coast, and can be found along its length.

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