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Waterfalls in the Northern Territory
Waterfall Seasons of Australia - The Waterfall Guide

Waterfall Seasons of the Northern Territory - The Waterfall Guide This seasonal guide to waterfalls in the Northern Territory recommends the best time of year and the best time of day to visit each waterfall using hydrologic knowledge to get the most out of your visit. It ensures you have the best chance of seeing water flowing over the falls in full sun. Compiled by hydrologist Brad Neal, the guide also includes information about how to get there, facilities available, viewing angles, waterfall dimensions, swimming opportunities, a photo/video and my personal impressions. This website only includes waterfalls that I have personally visited and photographed, which in the Northern Territory at the current time consists of waterfalls within Litchfield National Park, south of Darwin.
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Click on each waterfall title or picture to find your next day trip, holiday destination, bushwalk, photo shoot or picnic location. Waterfall Seasons - Guide to Buley Rockhole, Litchfield National Park Wangi Falls is the jewel in the crown of Litchfield National Park. The falls are strong and powerful, and are framed by a large, clear, deep pool that is great for floating around in too. A new tourist centre has just been built at the site… Waterfall Seasons - Guide to Florence Falls, Litchfield National Park There are plenty of ways to view Florence Falls. From the distance, up on the platforms near the car park, on the walking track on the way down to the falls, or poolside at the base of the falls. Be prepared for plenty of steps whichever way you come, and look out for the inquisitive barramundi… Waterfall Seasons - Guide to Buley Rockhole, Litchfield National Park Buley Rockhole is a series of cascades interspersed with flat rock shelves over a length of around 30 metres. There are actually several rockholes within the rock shelves and most are surprisingly deep. Crawl or walk to explore each and every cascade… Waterfall Seasons - Guide to The Cascades, Litchfield National Park A little more effort to reach, the Cascades is a wide rock lava flow of around 200 metres in length, over which a local stream trickles. Bring a sunhat for the walk through the bush to get there, as the heat across the plains can be sapping…

If you are planning a visit to the Northern Territory from interstate or overseas, be mindful of the variable topography and climate. Waterfalls in the Northern Territory are mostly located along escarpments in the northern half of the territory. In the southern half, rainfall is too low and unreliable, and the country is generally flat. Waterfalls in tropical northern Australia will be flowing at their most ferocious in the wet season (roughly Nov-Apr), but access to many waterfalls at this time is not possible due to flooding and wet unsealed roads. The first few months of the dry season (i.e. the first half of the May-Oct period) waterfalls will still be flowing but you will also have road access. Late in the dry season, some waterfalls in the tropics dry up.

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