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Silverband Falls, Grampians NP, VIC
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I have visited Silverband Falls a few times and it is quite amazing on two, somewhat magical counts. Firstly, even though the falls look thin and wispy, they are one of the most reliable in the Grampians and continue to flow well after most other waterfalls in the Grampians have stopped. Secondly, if you visit in summer and it hasn't rained recently, the water from the falls literally disappears under your feet. You can walk right up to the water and watch it zoop (that's a magician's technical term) straight into the dry creek bed. Silverband Falls in the Grampians Above: Silverband Falls with a small pool and then dry rocks - where does the water go? (Order this image)

Walking to the falls is quite easy on an 800 metre long track that is wide, open and flat graded. There is a steel bridge across the only creek crossing that looks like it would sit well above the water except in flood conditions. Most of the time in summer and autumn the creek is dry.

Once you reach the falls, take time to explore and relax. Like their name suggests, the falls look like a thin silver band. You can walk right up to the falls and touch the water, or take a seat on one of the boulders immediately downstream. Look out for the local wildlife - I spotted a healthy looking skink sunning itself on the rock and some noisy cockatoos flying overhead. I also scrambled part way up the cliff on the opposite side of the creek to see the falls from the other side.
If there isn't any water at the base of the falls, wander down the dry creek bed to see if the water pops up again further downstream. If the underground stream hits bedrock (as it does immediately upstream of the falls), it will usually be forced upwards before ducking back under the ground again.

Here is a video of the falls, taken on a fine day at the height of relatively wet summer, when there was actually a small pool at the base of the falls:

Your Seasonal Guide:
Best Time of Year to Visit:Best Time of Day to Visit:
To see the disappearing water, visit from mid-summer to autumn. The flow over the falls is reliable except in drought years. Visit in the morning to see the most sunlight on the falls. The falls will usually be in shadow in the late afternoon and evening.
Other Information Before You Go:
Location: Silverband Rd, Bellfield, Grampians National Park, 7 km south of Halls Gap and 260 km (approx. 3 hr 15 min drive) west of the Melbourne CBD.
Latitude:-37.198486 Longitude:142.528746
Getting there: Take the Western Hwy to Ararat then the Ararat-Halls Gap Rd to Halls Gap. From Halls Gap take the Grampians Rd (C216) for 6 km then turn right into Silverband Rd (C218). The car park for the falls is 1 km along Silverband Rd, with a further 800 m walk from the car park to the falls.

Water source: Dairy Creek
Approx. height: 15-20 m
Approx. width: Less than 1 m
Approx. length: 5-10 m
Swimming available at the falls: No, shallow water play only
Facilities: Car park. The nearest toilet facilities are at Lake Bellfield.
Entrance fee: None
Opening times: Always open
Sun shade: Limited to no shade available in the middle of the day. Shade in the late afternoon.
Wheelchair access: Disabled parking spaces. The walking track is wheelchair accessible but unsealed and with some upslopes and downslopes.
Prohibitions: No dogs, no cats, no firearms. Do not feed kangaroos or other wildlife. Take rubbish home with you. Fires may only be lit in fireplaces provided at designated campgrounds. Wash your boots before entering and after leaving the national park to avoid the spread of plant and animal pests and disease.
Managing authority: Parks Victoria
Nearby attractions: MacKenzie Falls in the northern Grampians 20 km to the north and Venus Baths close to Halls Gap.
Before you head out, make sure to read the waterfall safety information and check with the managing authority for any current change of conditions.
Locality Map:
The marker indicates the location of the car park at the falls. If the map is not zoomed in locally, as can occur with some browsers, simply refresh this web page.
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