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Agnes Falls, Toora VIC
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At a total height of 59 metres, Agnes Falls is the tallest waterfall in Gippsland and one of the highest in the State. The falls drop over several tiers of different width and shape, including several reclining horsetails and plunging waterfalls (curtains) that would be worth viewing in their own right. Agnes Falls near Toora in South Gippsland Above: Agnes Falls during moderate flow conditions in mid Autumn (Order this image)

Clear views of the falls are available from behind a waist high fence at two spots on the perched ledge that overlooks the downstream ravine. The gorge is steeply incised for some distance downstream and has quite a breathtaking drop from beside the falls and looking down the valley towards the wind turbines in the distance.
The walking track runs adjacent to the falls, so you can catch glimpses through gaps in the trees of the falls from upstream, next to the drop and from an elevated position downstream. There is no access to the water or the base of the falls. Agnes Falls near Toora in South Gippsland Above: Agnes Falls during moderate flow conditions in mid Autumn (Order this image)

Construction of an elevated, cantilevered walkway is planned for the site, but on my last check, government funding was still pending. This is an exciting development that I believe would significantly enhance the viewing experience at the falls.

The picnic spot upstream of the falls is set in an open area, in amongst towering blue gums, with one of the best tables perfect for a short or long break, right next to a tranquil bend of the river. The picnic area is within earshot of the rushing water, but you cannot see the falls while having your lunch.
The facilities are kept in pretty good nick by the Friends of Agnes Falls (FoAF) in conjunction with the managing authority. The FoAF are an active, local community group who hold regular open days and working bees at the falls. They also promote the falls as a tourist destination and lobbied hard for the facilities that you can now enjoy, and for the exciting additions to the viewing area that are proposed for the future. You can find out more about them by visiting the Friends of Agnes Falls facebook page. They are a fine example of how an enthusiatic community can organise itself to achieve great outcomes for a region.

Here is a video of the falls, taken mid-afternoon in Autumn, when the river was flowing steadily, but not in flood:

The most commonly expressed claim to fame of these waterfalls is that they are the "highest single span waterfall in Victoria", as proclaimed at an information board on site by the managing authority. I was intrigued about what that might mean? After doing a web search on "single span waterfall", curiously all of the top 10 Google responses except one related only to Agnes Falls and none defined this particular phrase. Common definitions used to describe waterfalls do not refer to the number of spans as a descriptor.
The term "single span waterfall" is not used elsewhere to describe waterfalls and does not appear to be defined in relation to Agnes Falls, yet it appears in almost every reference to Agnes Falls, with only one other publisher questioning its meaning. If you have any insights into this curious little meme, I'd be interested to hear about your thoughts below. Irrespective of this, I can confirm that Agnes Falls is definitely one of the biggest in Victoria in terms of its combined height and width.
Your Seasonal Guide:
Best Time of Year to Visit:Best Time of Day to Visit:
There is reliable flow over the falls all year round except in extreme drought years (when you still get a trickle), with the highest flows typically in winter and spring. Visit any time of the day but try to avoid visiting in the late afternoon in winter, when the steep gorge wall and tall trees can cast a shadow over the falls.
Other Information Before You Go:
Location: Agnes Falls Streamside Reserve, Agnes Falls Road, Hazel Park, 11 km north-east of Toora by road and 200 km (approx. 2.5 hour drive) south-east of the Melbourne CBD.
Latitude:-38.642911 Longitude:146.372095
Getting there: From Melbourne take the Princes Hwy (M1) and South Gippsland Hwy (M420 and A440) to Toora. From Toora head north along Silcocks Hill Road and follow the signs to the falls via Hazel Park Road, the Agnes River Road and Agnes Falls Road.
Water source: Agnes River
Approx. height: Fall of 59 metres in several tiers
Approx. width: 15-30 metres, depending on flow conditions
Approx. length: 60 metres
Swimming available at the falls: No, the weir pool above the falls forms part of a town water supply
Facilities: Car park, toilets, rotunda, picnic tables, park benches
Entrance fee: None
Opening times: Always open
Sun shade: Shade available at the falls and at the picnic area upstream
Wheelchair access: None
Prohibitions including whether you can bring your dog: No camping, no fires, no swimming, dogs must be on a leash, take your rubbish with you, all native plants and animals at the falls are protected
Managing authority: Parks Victoria
Nearby attractions: Franklin River Streamside Reserve, 14 km south-west of the falls by road.
Before you head out, make sure you read the waterfall safety information and check with the managing authority for any current change of conditions.
Locality Map:
The marker indicates the approximate location of the falls. If the map is not zoomed in locally, as can occur with some browsers, simply refresh this web page.
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Here is a comment about the falls by a visitor from Melbourne:

"Stunning waterfall. They have done a great job of making it a place to visit. It would be great to have a canopy over the viewing area if funds ever permit. That way if it was drizzling with rain, people could still enjoy listening to the sounds and take photos? We saw a few of the parrots and the blue fairy wren whilst we sat and had our cup of tea! Thanks so much for making it accessible." Amanda P., Mount Waverley, 30/9/2019

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