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Best Waterfalls in the Strzelecki Ranges
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Here are my favourite waterfalls within the Strzelecki Ranges in South Gippsland, ranked from least to most favourite. You can click or tap on the links provided for more detailed information about each individual waterfall.
Tarra Falls in the Tarra Valley sneaks into my top 5 because it is so easy to reach.
Winding along the Tarra Valley Road, 20 km north-west of Yarram, the falls are only a few steps away from the turnout on the side of the road. Best after heavy rainfall, this long, sloping waterfall is still worth a look at any time. Tarra Falls Above: Tarra Falls from the viewing platform (Order this image)
Cyathea Falls in the Tarra Valley comes in at number 4 because it is such a lovely rainforest walk to the falls, with a calm, restful space at the end of the walk for quiet reflection and contemplation. It can be popular on weekends, so meditate a bit quicker if you see lots of cars in the car park. Cyathea Falls Above: Cyathea Falls from the little bench in front of the falls (Order this image)
Some people might have expected Agnes Falls near Toora to be my favourite waterfall.
It is by far the most popular waterfall in South Gippsland because of its impressive height within an incised valley, multiple levels and segments, with well maintained access paths and picnic facilities. A must-visit on every South Gippsland holiday itinerary that would have ranked higher if you could access the water. Agnes Falls Above: Agnes Falls from the viewing area up on the rim of the gorge (Order this image)
Easily accessible from the Latrobe Valley Narracan Falls is my second favourite waterfall, on the northern edge of the Strzeleckis. It comes with its own herd of cows, a reliable flow of water all year round, and the ability to both wander down to the edge of the waterfall pool and clamber over the rockface upstream in spots that are incredibly close to the water. Narracan Falls Above: Narracan Falls from the path down to the water's edge (Order this image)
Minnehaha Falls was a surprising little waterfall for me that is my favourite waterfall in the Strzelecki Ranges.
North-west of Yarram, on the Albert River, the falls flow over a craggy rockface with skinny pine trees clinging to the edge, nestled within a fairly steep valley. Apart from its aesthetics, the features that pushed it into the number one spot were the free campground and a swimmable pool at the base of the falls. Minnehaha Falls Above: Minnehaha Falls from across the waterfall pool (Order this image)

There are plenty more waterfalls in the Strzelecki Ranges, with Turtons Falls and Morwell Falls being the other two more popular falls to visit.

I hope you can experience all of these waterfalls in the Strzelecki Ranges and appreciate them for their unique qualities. Before you head out, make sure to read the waterfall safety information. If you are travelling further afield in Gippsland, you can also visit waterfalls in Gippsland, which includes waterfalls that I have visited right across Gippsland.

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