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Waterfall Seasons - The Waterfall Guide

This seasonal guide to waterfalls recommends the best time of year and the best time of day to visit each waterfall using hydrologic knowledge to get the most out of your visit. Compiled by hydrologist Brad Neal, the guide includes information about how to get there, facilities available, viewing angles, waterfall dimensions, swimming opportunities, a photo/video and my personal impressions. Waterfall Seasons of Australia - The Waterfall Guide Above: Discover waterfalls such as Serenity Falls on (Order this image)

At the current time, the guide to waterfalls in Australia is the most complete, followed by waterfalls that I have visited in New Zealand. This website only includes waterfalls that I have personally visited and photographed.
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Waterfalls in Australia

Waterfall Seasons of Australia This is my compilation of waterfalls in Australia, from the red rock escarpments of the Northern Territory, all the way down to the to the basalt column sinks of Victoria, and then back up along the coast through NSW and the ACT to far north Queensland…

Waterfalls in New Zealand

Waterfall Seasons of New Zealand The list includes waterfalls that I have visited in the Canterbury Region of the South Island, featuring ice covered waterfalls up in the mountains at Arthurs Pass, including one night time waterfall, and a lush waterfall deep in the Peel Forest near Geraldine…

Waterfalls in Fiji

Waterfall Seasons of Fiji I only managed to visit one waterfall in Fiji, inland from Nadi, in the jungle behind one of the zipline companies that operate in the region. This waterfall is relatively easy to access, with local guides on site to help you reach the falls…

Waterfalls in Japan

Waterfall Seasons of Japan Here are some easy to reach waterfalls within major cities in Japan, close to other tourist attractions. It includes a diverse half-day outing in Kobe that involved visiting a waterfall cluster, a manicured garden, a cable-car ride, an aroma museum, and a public foot bath…
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You can also access featured content on by clicking or tapping on the pictures in the following slide show. This site is produced by a genuinely independent publisher, and unlike many travel websites, it is derived from primary research (i.e. actually visiting the waterfalls) to verify the experience. If you find this guide useful, informative or entertaining, share it on social media or offer Your Support to help me continue to publish.

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